Bulk email policy

Surftown applies the following rules regarding transmission of bulk email messages through our servers. Surftown reserves the right to determine what is considered to be bulk email in regard to those rules.


Surftown's servers are located in Denmark, and Danish laws are therefore applicable at all times. This means that in order to send commercial bulk email through Surftown's servers, you are required to have prior consent from the recepient, regardless if the recipient is a private individual or an organization.

Furthermore, if the opt-in process is automated, Surftown requires the recepient to first confirm the opt-in by actively responding to the email, or by confirming the opt-in in another way.


All messages sent through Surftown's servers, regardless of their nature, must include instructions on how to opt-out from the mailing list in question. If the opt-out process is automated, the recipient must not be asked to confirm the opt-out and the opt-out must be immediate. Senders are not allowed to add a recipient again, without the explicit consent of the recepient.

Contact details

Bulk email messages transmitted through Surftown's servers must include information about who the sender is, as well as valid contact details for the sender.


In the event of a complaint regarding commercial bulk email, Surftown expects senders to be able to document that the recipient has consented to receiving the message or messages. Complaints regarding non-commercial bulk email will be considered with Surftown's Terms of Service in mind.

As a complaint can be considered to be equivalent of opting out, Surftown reserves the right to unsubscribe recipients who send complaints.